Ancient Wine Regions and Obscure Grapes


These are a handful of links to my favorite articles about the ancient history of wine. This is generally, but not entirely, focused within the Mediterranean Basin. These articles are not 100% historical sometimes the focus is on a contemporary revival of winemaking in countries where it once flourished prior to the emergence of Islam. Additionally, some of these articles may touch upon my major interest within wine, obscure, indigenous, and possibly endangered grape cultivars within the Eurasian Vitis vinifera* species.

Obscure or rare grapes:

Own-rooted versus grafted vines:

Emerging regions and slightly tangential stories:

* While I have an open enough mind to try things outside of Vitis vinifera  dandelion wine, for instance, is fairly tasty Old World cultivars, grown in Old World regions, vinified in Old World styles will always be my primary interest. Moreover, even in the case of where I just do not like the taste of a non-vinifera fruit, e.g., muscadines, I still find the biology and genetics interesting, especially if they can serve as a basis for breeding interspecific hybrids with vinifera that still taste more like vinifera and less like Vitis labrusca.


These are the most interesting wine-related entries I’ve found on Wikipedia:

This list is mainly for my own reference. Some of these links may be behind a paywall in such cases, where it works, and for as long as it works, you may want to consider viewing them in Firefox Reader View (or any similar implementation of this feature in another browser).

This post is likely to be added to on an ongoing basis (last updated 30 June 2019).

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